Open Source Software Packages

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz (2017), Combined ridge, support-vector, and random-forest regression approach for odor prediction,!Synapse:syn3794504.

“TherapySim” (released on December 25th, 2013 for Python; TherapySim website: is a Python package to predict potential therapeutic targets in signaling networks. Software can be downloaded at and the corresponding tutorials are available at

“CplexA” (latest version released on December 12th, 2012 for Mathematica, Python, and Matlab; first released on April 19th, 2010 for Mathematica; CplexA website: is a Mathematica, Python, and Matlab package to compute the probabilities and average properties of macromolecular assembly and its effects in gene regulation. Software can be downloaded at and the corresponding Mathematica, Matlab, and Python implementation tutorials are available at


Articles in journals

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (including L. Saiz as contributor), Report of the Committee on Proposal Evaluation for Allocation of Supercomputing Time for the Study of Molecular Dynamics: Tenth Round. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, (2019).

M.L. Fanani, J.V. Busto, J. Sot, J.L. Abad, G. Fabrías, L. Saiz, J.M.G. Vilar, F.M. Goñi, B. Maggio, and A. Alonso, Clearly Detectable, Kinetically Restricted Solid-Solid Phase Transition in cis-Ceramide Monolayers, Langmuir, 34, 11749-11758 (2018).

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, Computing at the front-end by receptor networks, Cell Systems, 5, 316-318 (2017).

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I. Jeddi and L. Saiz, Three-dimensional modeling of single stranded DNA hairpins for aptamer-based biosensors, Scientific Reports, 7, 1178 (2017).

J. Doudna, R. Bar-Ziv, J. Elf, V. Noireaux, J. Berro, L. Saiz, D. Vavylonis, J.-L. Faulon, and P. Fordyce, How Will Kinetics and Thermodynamics Inform Our Future Efforts to Understand and Build Biological Systems?, Cell Systems, 4, 144-146 (2017).

A. Keller, R.C. Gerkin, Y. Guan, A. Dhurandhar, G. Turu, B. Szalai, J.D. Mainland, Y. Ihara, C.W. Yu., R. Wolfinger, C. Vens, L. Schietgat, K. De Grave, R. Norel, G. Stolovitzky, G.A. Cecchi, L.B. Vosshall, P. Meyer, DREAM Olfaction Prediction Consortium (including L. Saiz), Predicting human olfactory perception from chemical features of odor molecules, Science, 355, 820-826 (2017).

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J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, Reliable prediction of complex phenotypes from a modular design in free energy space: an extensive exploration of the lac operon, ACS Synthetic Biology, 2, 576–586 (2013).

D. Nicklas and L. Saiz, Computational modeling of smad-mediated negative feedback and crosstalk in the TGF-β superfamily network, J. R. Soc. Interface, 10, 20130363 (2013).

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, Systems Biophysics of Gene Expression, Biophys. J., 104, 2574-2585 (2013).

  • Chosen for Cell Press’ “Spotlight on Quantitative Cell Biology”, a selection of the best (recent) Biophysical Journal articles on the topic.
  • Awarded “Best of 2013”

L. Saiz, The physics of protein-DNA interaction networks in the control of gene expression, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 24, 193102 (2012).

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, Trafficking coordinate description of intracellular transport control of signaling networks, Biophysical Journal, 101, 2315-2323 (2011).

  • Chosen as featured article in the Biophysical Journal.
  • Highlighted as featured article in the Biophysical Society Newsletter.

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, Control of gene expression by modulated self-assembly, Nucleic Acids Research, 39, 6854-6863 (2011). Supplementary Data: [pdf].

  • Highlighted as a featured article in Nucleic Acids Research (“featured articles represent the top 5% of papers in terms of originality, significance and scientific excellence”).

J.M.G. Vilar and L. Saiz, CplexA: a Mathematica package to study macromolecular-assembly control of gene expression, Bioinformatics, 26, 2060-2061 (2010). Supplementary Information: Supplementary Data files 1 [pdf] and 2 [nb].

L. Saiz and J.M.G. Vilar, Protein-protein/DNA interaction networks: versatile macromolecular structures for the control of gene expression, IET Systems Biology, 2, 247-255 (2008).

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